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Powerhouse Women

Nov 29, 2019

Is there actually a formula for how to be happier? Today we’re talking all about the topic of happiness and some simple daily habits that can make a radical difference in how happy you feel.


My guest today is Danny J - an award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, podcast host, and storyteller. One of my favorite things about her is, she is as real as they come. If you follow her on social media you know that she uses her real life stories to engage with her audience, teach life lessons and inspire others to rewrite their stories.


We’re talking about her new program, The Happiness Diet, how prioritizing your life can lead to more happiness, and why she is a firm believer in what she calls a “social media cleanse” - I know you’re gonna love this one, so let’s dive in!


In this episode we talk about:

  • How to create priorities that align with your goals
  • Doing a social media cleanse and how what our MINDS consume is just as important as what our bodies consume 
  • The inspiration behind Danny J’s Happiness Diet program


Connect with Danny J:


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