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Powerhouse Women

Jan 11, 2022

I am feeling some serious growth and expansion for myself this year. And while I am so excited about this, I am nervously anticipating the discomfort that comes along with it. Today, I’m talking about what becoming the next level version of yourself actually looks and feels like. It can be so hard to see that you’re growing, because growth can be masked by self-doubt, uneasiness and imposter syndrome. However, the worst thing you can do is ignore the feeling that you’re meant for more. Let’s dive into this episode and talk about how to step into that leadership role both you and your business deserve.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why personal growth can feel like you’re mourning a death
  • Two practices to help you break through to where you need to be
  • How intentions bring opportunities
  • How Lindsey will be upleveling herself this year

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( :49 ) Lindsey is feeling this undeniable sense that she is about to go somewhere new this year.

( 1:30 ) Lindsey says, “If you know you want to become a different version of yourself by the end of this year, then this episode is for you!”

( 4:00 ) Lindsey is going to share what it actually looks like to become the next level version of yourself.

( 4:20 ) It starts with the feeling of restlessness. Lindsey shares three signs you’re feeling restless.

( 6:08 ) Lindsey compares personal growth to death.

( 9:13 ) Lindsey says, “When you know that there is more for you, you cannot ignore that without severe consequences.”

( 9:28 ) Lindsey says, “If you know you’re meant for more, here are a couple of things I've done that have helped me break through to get to the place I want to be.”

( 10:36 ) Lindsey lists the first thing you need to do to step into your higher self.

( 11:57 ) Lindsey lists the second thing you need to do to step into your higher self.

( 13:38 ) Lindsey shares her first growth opportunity where she is going to uplevel herself this year.

( 14:24 ) Lindsey shares the thing that is challenging her the most in this season.

( 16:10 ) Lindsey lists the key takeaways from this episode.

( 17:18 ) Lindsey talks about the Powerhouse Women mastermind and how it will help you step into the leadership role that your business needs and deserves.

( 19:06 ) Text MASTERMIND to 602-536-7829 to get more information.