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Powerhouse Women

Jan 18, 2022

Nothing is more uncomfortable than choosing to stay the same when you know you're meant for more. Biologically, our minds and bodies are resistant to change, but there’s a way to push through those roadblocks and experience major breakthroughs. The key to making it to the other side is by tapping into the mindset of the person that you want to be and aligning with your higher self. 


Today, I’m sharing four bold actions that I take when I’m in critical moments of transformation. Use this episode as an anchor to come back to when you’re ready to give up and I promise that we’ll help you navigate through the discomfort of growth. 


In this episode I talk about:

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( 0:49 ) Welcome back to the Powerhouse Women podcast!

( 1:11 ) Today, Lindsey breaks down some of the things that I have leaned into to fuel my growth to help me step into my highest self. 

( 3:22 ) Lindsey explains how transformation occurs out of the discomfort of growth. 

( 4:50 ) Lindsey shares that there’s never a “right time” for change. 

( 5:52 ) Lindsey quotes Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book. 

( 6:50 ) Lindsey talks about the biological and neurological aspects of making changes. 

( 12:11 ) Lindsey encourages listeners to ask themselves, “what would this higher self version of me do?”

( 13:43 ) Lindsey lists out recommendations to begin your bold transformation.

( 15:27 ) Lindsey talks about the importance of accountability. 

( 17:39 ) Lindsey asks listeners to share what bold action is required of them by texting (602) 536-7829.