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Powerhouse Women

Feb 15, 2022

Today, I’m joined by founder of Lite Pink and host of the Earn Your Happy podcast, Lori Harder! We’re talking about the number one thing that you can do to scale your business this year: join a mastermind. Getting into the rooms and connecting with the people who inspire us has been the best way to level up. Having a community of people who can act as both your launch pad and your crash pad is crucial to accelerating your success. Tune in to hear more about our experiences with mastermind events and what makes the Powerhouse Women Mastermind so special.   

In this episode you will learn:

  • What you can expect from a mastermind 
  • Our favorite mastermind memories 
  • Why these events speed up your growth trajectory 
  • Tapping into your collective network 
  • Expanding your tolerance for risk 


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Lori Harder has built 3 separate seven-figure businesses. She is the founder and CEO of Lite Pink, a new lite rosé wine spritz and non-alcoholic rosé. She is a best-selling author and the host of The Earn Your Happy podcast with 32 million downloads, and co-hosts the new podcast Girlfriends & Business, launched alongside Alli Webb (founder of Drybar) and Brittany Driscoll (founder of Squeeze). Her career started in fitness as a 3X fitness world champion, 11X fitness cover model, and gym owner. Her true calling in business was revealed through her experience becoming a Top 7-figure earner in network marketing.



( 0:51 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! 

( 1:00 ) Lindsey introduces today’s guest, Lori Harder. 

( 2:39 ) Lori asks Lindsey what is the number one thing you can do to scale your business. 

( 4:54 ) Lori asks Lindsey how you can support yourself outside of those girlfriend relationships. 

( 5:40 ) Lindsey talks about the power of being in a room where everyone has invested to be in it. 

( 6:39 ) Lori shares some of her most transformative mastermind experiences. 

( 10:13 ) Lindsey explains what makes the Powerhouse Women Mastermind different. 

( 14:13 ) Lindsey compliments Lori for being dedicated to building her brand, but also helping lift other entrepreneurs up. 

( 16:18 ) Lori says that masterminds help you build your risk tolerance. 

( 17:49 ) Lindsey explains the ideal candidate for the Powerhouse Women Mastermind. 

( 20:57 ) Text MASTERMIND to (602) 536-7829 for the link and more details about the Powerhouse Women Mastermind.