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Powerhouse Women

Feb 17, 2022

I’m joined by heart-centered entrepreneur Makenzie Marzluff! Makenzie and I unpack what it looks like to be a powerful person in business, while also being deeply in tune with your intuition. We talk about the spiritual process that led her on the journey to launching product-based business DELIGHTED BY Desserts,  KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate, REQUESTbar, and starting a 501c3 non-profit. Listen in to hear more of our conversation about the balance between the feminine and masculine energies, how she connects with her higher self, and why it’s so important to lead from your heart space. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Taking challenging leaps of faith via your intuition 
  • Her Shark Tank journey 
  • Connecting with aligned investors 
  • Learning what surrendering and deep trust really are 
  • The power of being in tune with your body 
  • The role of failure 
  • What Makenzie is manifesting for 2022 
  • The biggest lesson that Makenzie is currently in 

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Makenzie Marzluff is a conscious creative on a mission to restore the heart into business and beyond. She is the Founder of DELIGHTED BY Desserts - home of The Original Dessert Hummus as seen on ABC's Shark Tank, Cosmopolitan, Oprah Magazine and hundreds of other media outlets. Makenzie started DELIGHTED BY on her credit cards and scaled to a multimillion dollar organization within 2 years by following her intuition and focusing on service every step of the way. 

Makenzie is also the Co-Founder (along with her soulmate Michael) of KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate, a 501c3 non-profit, and REQUESTbar, a mission-driven protein bar company produced out of Makenzie and Michael's very own high-vibe manufacturing facility in Bozeman, Montana.



( 0:45 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! 

( 1:26 ) Lindsey introduces today’s guest, Makenzie Marzluff. 

( 3:10 ) Makenzie joins the conversation. 

( 4:32 ) Lindsey asks Makenzie to take listeners back to the time she was launching DELIGHTED BY Desserts. 

( 6:31 ) Makenzie explains the pivotal moment she experienced at a retreat in Sedona. 

( 9:19 ) Makenzie talks about her Shark Tank experience. 

( 13:03 ) Makenzie shares why she walked away from a deal with Mark Cuban. 

( 14:31 ) Makenzie discusses how to develop your intuition. 

( 15:42 ) Makenzie talks about her dark night of the soul in 2014. 

( 19:02 ) Lindsey says, “Being in our actual bodies, as women especially, the power we hold is incredible.”

( 20:31 ) Makenzie shares her interpretation of mascuiline and feminine energies as it relates to business. 

( 22:56 ) Lindsey talks about how to join Girl Gang and shares a special offer. 

( 25:09 ) Lindsey asks Makenzie to talk about balancing the duality of the masculine and femimine energies. 

( 27:30 ) Makenzie says, “You have to be in a masculine energy at first in order to bring something to life.”

( 30:39 ) Makenzie talks about how her failures have served her. 

( 35:06 ) Lindsey asks Makenzie what she’s looking forward to professionally and personally in 2022, and also what lesson she’s currently in. 

( 36:34 ) Makenzie says, “You have to surrender to a higher love versus giving into the preferences of your lower self.”

( 38:10 ) Lindsey and Makenzie sign off on the episode.