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Powerhouse Women

Mar 3, 2022

Anna Lozano is the co-founder of Love Powered Co, the affirmation company, a coach to female founders and an investor. Love Powered Co. offers unique affirmation decks for children, teens and adults. Anna shares the inspiration behind the company and breaks down what an affirmation practice really is. We talk about the science behind affirmations and the mind-body connection of raising your personal frequency. We also discuss how to channel your positive energy into action and what Anna is currently tapping into in order to grow as an entrepreneur. Listen in to hear more of our conversation about the benefits of affirmations and how to utilize the power of a positive inner dialogue. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Anna’s introduction into the personal development world 
  • How affirmations can be helpful when pursuing big ideas and building businesses 
  • Reframing beliefs and thoughts 
  • Manifesting the emotions that you want to create 
  • Leveraging your high frequency moments into action
  • Rebalancing feminine and masculine energies as an entrepreneur 
  • The miracles that occur when we relinquish control 


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( 0:38 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women!

( 2:12 ) Anna joins the conversation. 

( 2:43 ) Anna gives some background on her company, Love Powered Co. 

( 6:27 ) Lindsey asks Anna how she got into personal development. 

( 8:22 ) Lindsey asks Anna to break down what an affirmation really is and how the practice can be used in business. 

( 11:20 ) Lindsey asks Anna how she learned about the awareness piece of positive affirmations and mindset. 

( 14:11 ) Lindsey asks Anna to explain the connection between affirmations and emotions. 

( 18:01 ) Lindsey talks about Girl Gang and how listeners can join. 

( 21:27 ) Anna shares an example of how she manifested intentional action. 

( 24:22 ) Anna says, “I truly believe we can reprogram the mind and we can recode our beliefs and our thoughts.”

( 27:34 ) Lindsey asks Anna, “Where are you at now in your growth as an entrepreneur? What mindset tools are you having to tap into?”

( 28:59 ) Anna talks about her work on rebalancing her feminine and masculine. 

( 32:00 ) Anna gives an example of how she shifts her energy if her morning starts off at a low frequency. 

( 33:55 ) Lindsey shares how she’s practicing accepting help and support. 

( 36:35 ) Anna says that she’s been working on, “basking in the magic of the miracles when we release the grip.” 

( 39:35 ) Anna says that listeners can connect with her at @_annalozano and @lovepoweredco, and shop at

( 40:42 ) Anna shares a recent powerhouse moment.