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Powerhouse Women

Mar 8, 2022

What would happen if you stayed rooted in possibility instead of obsessing over the worst case scenario? I believe that our results are largely determined by the questions that we’re willing to ask ourselves. Today, I’m breaking down the three questions that I ask myself any time I’m feeling really stuck around how to move forward in any given situation. 


These questions are meant to get you thinking differently about your goals, decisions and what's possible. They help me gain control over my mindset and reach out to other people who might be holding the keys to something that I see as a locked door. Listen in to hear more about how to confront limiting beliefs by asking yourself powerful questions. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Why asking yourself questions helps you unlock creative solutions 
  • Paying attention to your immediate reaction and beliefs when you ask yourself these three questions 
  • Examples of how I’ve used this method to transform my own business ventures 
  • Accepting support from people that you can learn from 
  • Why it’s important to imagine best case scenarios 


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( 0:52 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! 

( 1:02 ) Today, Lindsey is sharing the top three questions that she’s been asking herself and the women that she mentors. 

( 1:24 ) Early bird tickets are available for the Powerhouse Women 2022 Event HERE.

( 2:49 ) Lindsey shares the science behind the power of asking questions. 

( 6:17 ) Lindsey stresses the importance that this exercise is not meant to find all the right answers. 

( 7:46 ) Lindsey poses the first question: What would need to happen and who would you need to be in order to accomplish your one-year goal in six months or maybe in three months?

( 9:26 ) Lindsey gives an example of what this question looks like in action. 

( 11:23 ) The second question is: How can I have both? What would it look like to have both?

( 13:18 ) Lindsey talks about an example of how she used this question when she was deciding between investing in Lite Pink and a rental property. 

( 16:35 ) The third question is: What is the best that could happen? 

( 19:08 ) Lindsey explains why it’s better to imagine the best case scenario rather than obsess over the worst case scenario. 

( 21:09 ) Listeners can text MENTOR to (602) 536-7829 to share what they’re putting into practice from this episode and for weekly business mindset tips.