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Powerhouse Women

Mar 15, 2022

My confidence comes from keeping promises to myself. Knowing that I can count on myself and keep my word has been crucial to my success. But, I wasn’t always like this. I used to let myself do this thing that I call ‘cute quit,’ which is where you build up excuses and create a life that reinforces you to give up when things get tough. I’ve learned how to let go of the busy work and actually dig into the things that make me uncomfortable and help me grow. Now, this isn’t a linear process, but in today’s episode, I share how you can get started on this journey and build up the muscle of showing up and continuing to do the things that challenge you. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • How to believe and trust in yourself more 
  • What happens when you break the promises that you make to yourself 
  • Facing the deep-rooted fears that I had around writing a book 
  • Getting honest about busy work vs. work that pushes the needle on your business 
  • Having an extra layer of accountability to keep you on track with your goals 


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( 0:49 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! 

( 1:07 ) Lindsey says, “Confidence comes from keeping promises to myself.”

( 3:52 ) Lindsey talks about the three times that she wanted to quit her writing workshop and give up on her book idea. 

( 4:31 ) Lindsey explains what a “cute quit” is. 

( 6:44 ) Lindsey shares how she created a life that reinforced her cute quits. 

( 8:13 ) Lindsey says, “When you get to that radical level of self awareness, and when you're willing to be that honest, that's where things change.”

( 10:48 ) Lindsey recaps her and Lori’s challenge to post everyday on Instagram. 

( 13:01 ) Lindsey talks about her community’s reaction to her posting more real and unfiltered things on Instagram. 

( 14:25 ) Text the word MENTOR to (602) 536-7829 and tell Lindsey what your cute quit looks like and get weekly business and mindset tips.