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Powerhouse Women

Apr 7, 2022

Rachel Joy is a board-certified Trainer and Master Practitioner in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E Techniques, Life and Success Coaching, and she’s also my Capricorn soul sister. But instead of focusing and celebrating her success today, we decided to have an honest conversation, pull back the curtain, and share a little bit of behind the scenes of what it looks and feels like when you're growing and upleveling. 


Rachel talks about moments in her career where she had to make really bold decisions that maybe didn't make sense to anyone else and the magic that happened as a result of listening to her intuition. We dive into how to create change on a subconscious level and tools to help tune into the guidance that is within all of us if we’re willing to listen. We also discuss some of the pivotal moments that we’ve experienced at mastermind events and Rachel gives details about her upcoming Elevate and Amplify event. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Internal challenges and thought work that people don’t see 
  • The shift that happened when she took two weeks off from actively promoting and selling 
  • How to strengthen your intuition 
  • Simple and effective tips to help structure your journaling practice
  • Why it’s so powerful to seek out the examples of your dreams becoming reality
  • Taking the time to lean in and get quiet
  • Rachel’s advice for anyone who’s on the cusp of making a big decision that they know is right, but it feels scary and uncomfortable to say ‘yes’ to 


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Along with a background in health coaching, personal training, and addiction counseling, Rachel takes a unique approach to generate freedom in her clients' lives. While she focuses on online marketing and business strategy, she stresses the importance of the mind-body connection, and that being the foundation for anything you want to create in life and biz. 

She is a powerful facilitator of transformational change, and certifies and guides other women to do the same, through her signature program, Transcend Academy; an immersive accredited certification program, designed with the high-level support of a business mastermind, and the immersive experience of a spiritual retreat. She is extremely passionate about helping women claim their power to become unstoppable in pursuit of their dreams.



( 0:42 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! Lindsey is joined by Rachel Joy today. 

( 3:04 ) Rachel joins the conversation. 

( 3:54 ) Lindsey asks Rachel, “Do you want to just tell everyone what does that mean for you when you think about like, what does it actually look like to be powerful? And what are some of the glimpses that people don't see?”

( 6:08 ) Lindsey asks Rachel to share a moment when she made a bold decision that didn’t make sense to other people, but she followed her intuition despite the outside judgment. 

( 10:52 ) Lindsey asks Rachel, “Talk to me about how you have really strengthened your intuition or learned to listen faster in those moments?”

( 13:22 ) Lindsey asks Rachel, “What is a tangible step that we can develop, or a tool to help us tune in to the guidance that I think is actually within all of us if we're willing to listen?”

( 15:11 ) Lindsey asks Rachel, “Where's that sweet spot that we can tap into the subconscious?”

( 17:28 ) Lindsey asks Rachel, “Why is it so powerful to seek out examples of the fact that what we want is possible?”

( 20:19 ) Lindsey asks Rachel, “If you had one message to share with the whole world, where are you sharing that? How big is this platform? And what are you talking about?”

( 22:24 ) Lindsey asks Rachel, “Tell us a little bit about your vision for Elevate and Amplify.”

( 24:47 ) Lindsey and Rachel discuss pivotal and transformational moments that they’ve experienced at mastermind events. 

( 29:48 ) Lindsey asks Rachel, “What is your word of advice to anyone who's right now standing on the starting line of a big decision and their soul knows, they know their soul knows, what do you want them to hear?”

( 33:21 ) Listeners can get tickets for the Elevate and Amplify event at and connect with Rachel @theracheljoy1

( 35:15 ) Rachel shares her Powerhouse Moment.