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Powerhouse Women

Apr 21, 2022

Named one of “12 Female Entrepreneurs You Need To Follow” by Hubspot, Shannan Monson is a serial entrepreneur, community builder, and educator. She’s an OG influencer and one of the first people to truly learn to leverage social media for digital community building. We get into ​​the difference between building a community and growing your follower count, knowing when it’s time to pivot, and the business she’s about to launch, which matches talent with projects for a new economy. She breaks down her methodology on how she scales communities and highlights why that’s such an important skill for anyone in business today. She explains the four stages of community building and gives us a peek inside her new workbook Community, First. Shannan has such a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship, so listen in to learn more about her authentic and sustainable approach to cultivating a community.   


In this episode we talk about:

  • Leaning into creativity instead of rigid roles 
  • Her technique for onboarding and training 
  • Reassessing what happiness and success look like
  • Creating spaces for women and diverse voices to thrive 
  • The difference between lead generation and community
  • Why every company needs a digital community manager 


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( 0:42 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! 

( 1:25 ) Lindsey introduces today’s guest, Shannan Monson. 

( 2:45 ) Shannan joins the conversation. 

( 3:27 ) Lindsey asks Shannan, “How would you tell me about your career as an entrepreneur if you only had 30 seconds to share it?”

( 5:21 ) Lindsey asks Shannan to, “​​expand on the curiosity piece a little bit.”

( 6:50 ) Lindsey asks Shannan, “How have you known when it's time for you to move on into the next thing?”

( 9:53 ) Lindsey asks Shannan, “Did it come pretty easily to delegate to others?”

( 11:50 ) Lindsey asks Shannan, “will you give us just a little glimpse of what it is that you are going to be creating?” 

( 17:13 ) Shannan and Lindsey talk about the rise of the gig economy. 

( 18:03 ) Lindsey asks Shannan, “What do you hope to see the world looking like 5-10 years from now, because of this new conversation?”

( 19:40 ) Lindsey talks about the Powerhouse Women 2022 event. Click HERE to get tickets.

( 22:23 ) Lindsey asks Shannan, “What can we expect once Nuuwork launches? What are some of the touch points or the resources?”

( 25:08 ) Lindsey asks Shannan, “How do you define community?”

( 27:41 ) Lindsey asks Shannan to talk about her digital community building workbook. 

( 31:02 ) Shannan highlights the difference between lead generation and community.

( 34:16 ) Tag @powerhouse_women, @shannanmonson, shout the workbook out, and five winners will be randomly selected to receive a copy of the workbook. 

( 36:37 ) Listeners can follow @shannanmonson and visit her website

( 38:35 ) Shannan shares her powerhouse moment.