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Powerhouse Women

Apr 28, 2022

Kathryn Gordon is the co-author of the best-selling book Relationship GRIT and host of the Kathryn For Real podcast who is unapologetically stepping into the second act of her life. Kathryn committed to her role as the primary caregiver for her two children when they were young, but now that they’re entering adulthood, she’s following her passion of supporting women and helping couples strengthen their relationship. She openly shares about the challenges that she and her husband faced and how they’ve used the GRIT method to overcome them. We discuss what drives her to keep pushing forward even when she feels stuck, how she supports herself in unknown territories, and where her sense of confidence comes from. She also touches on exciting milestones that she’s recently hit in her career and what she has planned next. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • What GRIT stands for 
  • Why Kathryn and Jon chose to be totally authentic and honest in their book
  • Confronting the emotions that have come up from switching gears and putting her career at the forefront 
  • What Kathryn loves about podcasting 
  • The legacy that Kathryn wants to leave on this planet 
  • What Kathryn hopes readers will take away from her and Jon’s book 


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( 0:41 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! Today, Lindsey is joined by Kathryn Gordon. 

( 2:36 ) Kathryn joins the conversation. 

( 2:57 ) Lindsey says, “I want you to talk a little bit about where you're at right now in life.”

( 7:51 ) Lindsey says, “Let's go into a little bit more of what's in the book, because this is going to set the context for the rest of the conversation.”

( 13:03 ) Lindsey asks Kathryn, “Which one of those four letters would you say has been the toughest for the two of you, or has taken the most work?”

( 14:03 ) Lindsey says, “Talk me through what that looks like to now be focusing, stepping more into your light as a solo voice, with his support, and of course, co-writing the book.”

( 16:02 ) Lindsey asks Kathryn, “Talk to me a little bit about your podcast, how fun has that been?”

( 17:13 ) Lindsey shares information about the upcoming Powerhouse Women event. 

( 18:38 ) Lindsey asks Kathryn, “Can you give us a sneak preview of what we're going to see more of from you in the future?”

( 20:37 ) Lindsey asks Kathryn, “What would that be if you just got to share one last message, and that was going to be your legacy?”

( 22:18 ) Lindsey asks Kathryn, “What have been some of the most effective ways you've supported yourself in this season?”

( 21:22 ) Lindsey asks Kathryn, “Where do you draw your greatest source of confidence from to really go after all this?

( 26:22 ) Lindsey asks Kathryn, “What do you want the ripple effect in the world to be of this book being out there?”

( 30:11 ) Relationship GRIT is available wherever books are sold, and links for Kathryn’s podcast and social media can be found on

( 31:39 ) Lindsey asks Kathryn, “What would you say a powerhouse moment that you've had recently would be?”