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Powerhouse Women

May 3, 2022

What does confidence actually mean to you? If you were to define it, how would you know that you were experiencing it in your life? I’m so excited to launch this five-part series all about building confidence, specifically around going after your big ideas. I’m putting out five separate episodes, detailing my favorite ways that have worked for me to become a more confident person and transform my mindset about what success means. To kick things off, I dive into what confidence means to me and explain why you shouldn’t feel 100% confident all the time. I share how my definition of confidence has changed as I’ve grown as an entrepreneur and what I’ve learned about staying comfortable for too long. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • My vision for this series 
  • The two things that I’ve done consistently over the last 10 years on my personal development journey 
  • The intersection of confidence and freedom 
  • Signs that you’re dreaming big enough and headed in the right direction 
  • What happens when you wait to feel confident instead of going after your goals 


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( 0:48 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! Lindsey introduces the new confidence series. 

( 2:30 ) Bonus resources can be accessed at

( 3:39 ) Lindsey says that the two consistent things that she’s done in her personal development journey are to put some kind of positive reinforcement in her ears and practice daily self reflection. 

( 5:47 ) Lindsey says, “This first episode is really going to be about, first of all, defining, or for some of us, redefining what confidence actually means to us.”

( 8:54 ) Lindsey says, “At the end of the day, to me, confidence is really about freedom.”

( 12:58 ) Lindsey explains why it’s good to not feel confident all the time. 

( 16:59 ) Lindsey gives a preview of what the other episodes in this series are going to be about. 

( 19:16 ) Lindsey says, “By waiting to feel ready by waiting to feel confident, you are missing the opportunity to impact some of the people you're meant to impact.”