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Powerhouse Women

May 17, 2022

In part three on the confidence code series, we’re getting to the bottom of where real confidence comes from. Confidence, at its core, is really about building trust with yourself and knowing that you’re a person that you can count on. The key to having that power is reframing your relationship with integrity and looking at it through a lens of workability, not just failure and success. Throughout my confidence journey, I’ve noticed three unintentional ways that I’ve chipped away at my integrity and disempowered myself. I share strategies for how I’ve restored my power and examples of what it looks like to gain confidence around the promises that I make. I also give tangible steps for how to start putting this into practice and consistently keep your word. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • What happens when we make too many open-ended promises that we have no intention of following through on 
  • Investigating if you’re the type of person who is willing to sacrifice the promises that you make to yourself, but keep your word with other people 
  • How to take bold action and aim for big dreams despite your fear
  • The most effective way to see where integrity is lacking and how to course-correct 
  • Acknowledging the impact that breaking your promises has on you and your community

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( 0:49 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! Today’s episode is part three in the confidence code series. 

( 2:36 ) Lindsey shares today’s topic: figuring out where real confidence actually comes from. 

( 4:49 ) Lindsey talks about the importance of integrity when it comes to building confidence. 

( 7:51 ) The number one thing that chips away at integrity is when we give our word to too many things. 

( 9:33 ) The second one is keeping promises to other people, but not to ourselves. 

( 10:48 ) The third one is not mainge promises at all out of the fear of failure. 

( 14:26 ) Lindsey talks about, “the practice of being willing to see where integrity or workability is just not there and be able to put it back into place.”

( 17:12 ) Lindsey shares an example of what the impact of keeping your word looks like. 

( 19:56 ) Lindsey says, “Start to look at the promises you make to yourself and to other people through the lens of, am I prepared to keep this promise? And if so, how am I going to feel on the other side?”

( 21:01 ) Lindsey talks about her relationship with integrity when she committed to writing her first book. 

( 24:17 ) Lindsey suggests that listeners reflect on what they need to put in place in order to help keep more of their promises. 

( 25:30 ) Lindsey lists examples of small promises that listeners can implement. 

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