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Powerhouse Women

May 26, 2022

Hannah and I are back with another Q&A episode and answering your questions about productivity. We share our top three tips for staying focused, tangible advice for breaking down big projects, and how to tap into the mindset that you need in order to bring your big vision to life. We discuss our approach to delegation and automation, and the importance of celebrating the small steps that happen in between. We also touch on some exciting updates for the Powerhouse Women 2022 event and what you can expect from the VIP experience.    

In this episode we talk about:

  • Listening for where are you sabotaging your progress and choosing the cute quit route 
  • What a project management system can help you achieve  
  • Challenging your mindset on what is actually most important
  • Finding places where you can delete, automate, or delegate 
  • A few ways that you can start to hand off things to people and set them up for success


Resources mentioned: 

Episode 261 on energy leaks 



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