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Powerhouse Women

May 31, 2022

In part five of the confidence code series, I’m addressing one of the biggest challenges that I’ve faced on my confidence journey and I know so many of you can relate: How do you deal with people who don't get your vision, or try to talk you out of your big dreams? The short answer is that not everyone will understand your decisions, but you have to build that trust and belief in yourself to pursue it anyway. Easier said than done, I know. 


In today’s episode, I share how I’ve built up my confidence and gone all-in on my ideas, despite doubters and naysayers in my life. I explain the importance of your community and how to find people who will not only support you, but also challenge you to think even bigger. I also leave you with a bit of homework to reflect and take action on becoming your most confident self. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Why you need to stop seeking external validation from people who don’t understand your dream 
  • Evaluating who you’re sharing your ideas with and protecting it when it’s in the early stages 
  • Questions to ask yourself to try and see it through a naysayer's perspective
  • How to intentionally seek out and connect with people who get your vision 
  • Powerhouse Women resources that can help you build a supportive network 


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( 0:49 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! 

( 2:37 ) Lindsey asks listeners, “How many of you can honestly say that the moment you knew you were meant for more, and you had this feeling inside that you just could not shake, you looked around and realize there weren't that many people in your life who you could really unapologetically say that to?”

( 5:20 ) Lindsey says, “The first thing to know is that not everyone will get your vision, not everyone's going to understand it, and they're actually not supposed to.”

( 11:08 ) Lindsey says, “I just want you to check in and see if your confidence is a little shaky, because you're waiting for someone else to validate a vision that they can't see. And they're not supposed to, they can only come from within you.”

( 11:43 ) Lindsey says, “When your idea is in the earlier stages, it is really important to protect who you are sharing that with. It is easiest to kill a big idea when it's in seed form.”

( 16:02 ) Lindsey explains that seeing the vision through a naysayer’s perspective allows us to have a more productive conversation, versus just lashing out and feeling hurt. 

( 17:44 ) Lindsey says, “Results will always speak the loudest.”

( 19:29 ) Lindsey asks listeners, “Where are we expecting validation and support from people who just don't really understand what we need?” 

( 22:02 ) Lindsey talks about how to find people who will support and uplift you on your entrepreneurial journey. 

( 25:31 ) Lindsey says, “It is up to you to put yourself in places and in environments where you could potentially connect with people like that, and then do the uncomfortable thing of connecting.”

( 27:08 ) Lindsey highlights the Girl Gang Membership and Powerhouse Women 2022 event.