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Powerhouse Women

Jun 7, 2022

I’m sharing a sneak peek into one of our Girl Gang Membership monthly mindset calls! This session was all about how to boldly ask for what you want in business and life. We chat about getting clear on not only what we want, but also the possibilities of what we can have. I share some really great questions from Amanda Frances’ book Rich As F*ck that have helped me hone in on what I should be asking more boldly for. We also talk about what stops us from asking in the first place and the fears that are getting in our way. I break down a few examples of how I’ve been putting this into practice and offer up a challenge for everyone to take action. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Getting honest about what you truly want, no matter how big or impossible it seems 
  • Input from Girl Gang members about the things that are actively stopping them from asking for what they want
  • Noticing places in your life where you’re willing to settle for less 
  • Proof that you can get what you want in a kind and polite way 
  • Simple steps to start making one bold request every single day


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