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Powerhouse Women

Dec 15, 2022

As we round out the year, I thought it would be so fun to revisit some of our most downloaded guest episodes on the Powerhouse Women podcast from 2022. It's always so interesting to look back at the episodes you listened to the most because there is always a theme.

It's very clear that our community loves to talk about personal growth, mindset and expansion, and we also love to talk about money, wealth and abundance. So the next two episodes are dedicated to some interviews on just that! Please enjoy this mashup of the wisdom that guests Francesa Sipma, Anna Lozano and Sierra Rainge brought to the podcast.


In this episode we talk about:

  • How to lean into your intuition
  • What is breathwork and what does it do?
  • The role that affirmations can play
  • Why restructuring is necessary for expansion
  • When blessings feel like burdens
  • The importance of passion in what you do

If you loved today’s episode, please share your favorite takeaways or your own systems and processes by screenshotting this episode and tagging us on Instagram!

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