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Powerhouse Women

Jun 15, 2023

While she was raising her six young children, Brooke Hemingway built a seven-figure network marketing business and went on to expand into coaching, speaking, and hosting events. In our conversation, she gets real about what that journey has looked like so far and shares invaluable lessons she’s learned along the way. 

We talk about why it’s so important to define what success and a happy life looks like for you instead of trying to fit into a certain box. Brooke also dives into the practices that have helped build up her confidence and bolster the belief she has in herself. 


In this episode we talk about:

(4:47) The moment Brooke realized the bigger ‘why’ behind her business 

(10:33) Subscribing to a false sense of comfort

(13:29) Top lessons learned from starting out in network marketing 

(17:09) How Brooke has been navigating building a business alongside growing her family 

(23:01) Brooke and her husband’s approach to parenting 

(28:19) Advice for dealing with the stigma and judgment of going all-in on your dream 

(32:10) The reality of what the early days of Brooke’s business looked like 

(37:48) Tangible ways to earn belief and confidence in yourself 

(43:42) Brooke’s recent Powerhouse Moment 


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