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Powerhouse Women

Mar 10, 2022

Business and Transformational Leadership Coach Allyson Byrd is celebrated as one of the world's most trusted leadership advisors and sales experts for entrepreneurs and small business owners, and I think you’ll see why in today’s episode. 


Allyson shares her journey from high school dropout to now having guided entrepreneurial leaders to create a collective $330 million in new revenue over the past 10 years. We discuss the impact of mentorship, how she’s learned to embrace and understand her insecurities and what she considers the biggest misconception people have about money. She provides insight into how she celebrates moments of unexpected ease and how that practice has transformed her mindset around success. 


She also gives details about her signature program, Think Your Way Rich, and what people can expect when they work with her. Listen in to hear more of Allyson’s inspiring story and valuable perspective on what it means to be a powerhouse woman. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • How Allyson realized her potential 
  • Navigating the wounded and divine feminine 
  • The wisdom within our own bodies 
  • The difference between making and manifesting money 
  • What unfolding and undoing mean 
  • The concept of incremental manifestation 
  • Why it’s important to schedule time for silence 
  • Money as an energetic exchange 



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( 0:45 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! 

( 1:27 ) Lindsey provides some background on today’s guest, Allyson Byrd. 

( 2:36 ) Allyson joins the conversation. 

( 3:43 ) Lindsey asks Allyson how she sees the theme of reinvention showing up in her life today. 

( 4:48 ) Allyson breaks down the timeline of her journey, starting with her first job at the age of 15 working at McDonalds.

( 6:39 ) Allyson talks about being raised through the lens of constraints and obligation. 

( 10:11 ) Allyson recalls how sharing her sales formula with her mentor and employer, Lisa Nichols, changed her career. 

( 13:20 ) Allyson says, “Words do not change things, experiences do.”

( 15:12 ) Allyson gets candid about how she’s been struggling with the wounded and divine feminine recently. 

( 18:12 ) Allyson explains the concept of a sovereign relationship. 

( 22:05 ) Lindsey reminds listeners that they can get early bird tickets for the Powerhouse Women event at  

( 24:12 ) Lindsey asks Allyson, “What do you see really blocks us from that moment where we experience there's more for me, but actually realizing it?”

( 27:14 ) Allyson shares how she transitioned from coaching about sales to money mindset and the soul. 

( 30:16 ) Allyson says that movement and body connection is crucial for decision making. 

( 31:37 ) Allyson talks about addressing the inner naysayers and peanut gallery. 

( 34:48 ) Allyson breaks down the terms unfoldment and undoing. 

( 40:00 ) Lindsey asks Allyson, “What do we have wrong about money? What's our misconception about money that is blocking what we think we want from coming?”

( 41:07 ) Allyson details why she teaches about incremental manifestations. 

( 44:28 ) Allyson gives an example of how she transformed her thoughts and perspective on a ‘failed’ launch. 

( 48:39 ) Allyson and Lindsey talk about the practice of expressing gratitude for unexpected ease and everyday miracles. 

( 50:34 ) Allyson shares how she schedules in time for silence. 

( 52:39 ) Allyson talks about her signature program, Think Your Way Rich. 

( 55:52 ) Listeners can find Allyson on Instagram @iamallysonbyrd

( 57:24 ) Allyson shares a recent Powerhouse Woman moment.