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Powerhouse Women

Jul 14, 2022

I’m joined by Tara Hainsworth, owner of Hainsworth & Company Salon. Tara is an amazing example of what it means to build your business from a solid and authentic mission statement. She shares how to get started with articulating your why, impact, vision, and mission statements, and explains why it’s so crucial to be really clear about those before you get started on your big idea. 


We discuss what the process has been like to grow from a team of four hair designers to now a staff of 18 in just five years. She talks about her approach for ensuring that the brand vision is consistent throughout her company and dives into how she cultivates a family environment within her expanding team. Plus, she shares what she has planned for the future of Hainsworth & Co. and how she’s continuing to discover and define who she is. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • The reality behind Tara’s process for opening her own salon 
  • Allowing yourself space to really get curious and dig deep about the foundations of your business 
  • How to distinguish if your mission statement is really coming from within you, not outside influences 
  • How your why, impact, vision, and mission statements play off of one another, but are individually so powerful and necessary for building your business 
  • The Hainsworth & Co. mission statement and what Tara’s favorite part of it is 


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Tara Hainsworth is a Hair Designer and owner of Hainsworth & Company Salon. After spending 14 years in the beauty industry, Tara was able to create a space where Hair Designers alike could professionally be a part of a dynamic family experience. 


Opening Hainsworth & Company became the focus of her career over the past 4 years. With endless growth opportunities on the horizon, Hainsworth & Co. has been a source of endless inspiration.


Tara is a mother of a three year old daughter named Olive Jay, and is a wife to her husband Eric (who also happens to be the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Hainsworth & Company). Being partners in business and in life attributes to the success of H&Co. 


In Tara’s free time she fuels herself by connecting with family, friends and entrepreneurs in her community.