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Powerhouse Women

Jun 22, 2023

My husband Elliot joins me today to dive into one of our favorite topics — marriage and money. We discuss our perspectives on how to have conversations about finances with your partner, understand each other's communication styles, and find common ground. We explore ways to navigate scarcity versus abundance mindsets and the challenges you may face when one partner transitions into entrepreneurship while the other wants job security. We encourage you to embrace the differences in your money mindsets and work together to find balance and shared goals. 


In this episode we talk about:

- (2:16) Tips for initiating conversations about money, investing, and creating wealth 

- (7:18) Navigating competing money mindsets 

- (12:38) How to tell your partner you want to transition into entrepreneurship 

- (18:10) Ways to help your partner unlearn their conditioned risk tolerance and beliefs about generating wealth 



- How To Use Your Enneagram To Accelerate Transformation & Discover Your Gifts With Enneagram Expert Tracy O’Malley


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