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Powerhouse Women

Nov 29, 2022

Welcome to part four of the The Business Of Community series! In this episode, I’m breaking down seven solid ways that you can monetize community and use it as a strategy to add more revenue into your business. I address some of the common misconceptions about building a community aspect into your brand, particularly around the platforms that you can use to do so. 

I dive into the strategy behind selling products, explain how to weave in affiliate and influencer marketing, and share my advice for getting the most out of an in-person event. I also talk about how to approach podcast ads and paid mentorship. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Creative revenue streams that don’t require you to reinvent the wheel
  • Rethinking community outside of the Facebook group container 
  • Ideas for physical and digital products that you can offer your community 
  • Why I love having a tangible experience for my community 
  • The #1 thing to be really intentional about when you’re promoting a product or service

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