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Powerhouse Women

Jun 27, 2023

Throughout my season of growth, I've noticed my negative self-sabotaging thoughts resurfacing. Today, I want to share my experience with navigating these micro-aggressions and the ways I’m reframing limiting beliefs from a subconscious level. Negative thoughts are the brain's way of keeping us safe and comfortable, and abruptly replacing long-held limiting beliefs with positive thoughts may not work effectively. Instead, I offer my advice for acknowledging the negative thought with gratitude, slowing its momentum, gradually shifting its direction, and intentionally planting new beliefs. 


In this episode we talk about:

- (4:27) Acknowledging the negative thoughts without judgment

- (7:05) Recognizing that thoughts have momentum 

- (12:38) How to slow down your negative thought patterns 

- (16:13) Setting realistic expectations for transforming long-lasting limiting beliefs 

- (17:11) Understanding your protective thoughts and fostering self-compassion 


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