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Powerhouse Women

Jun 17, 2021

Life is filled with so many ups and downs and my guest today, Ashley Lemieux, shares how she has empowered thousands of women to find purpose in their pain and that at any time we have the power to find courage and joy to keep moving forward. Whether you’re struggling in life or business I know you’ll love the tangible ways she shares on how to reframe your mind that failure doesn’t define us but is actually an opportunity for growth. 


Ashley Lemieux is the founder and CEO of The Shine Project and the author of two books, Born to Shine and I Am Here. The Shine Project is an online community for women that helps them find support, resources, motivation, and encouragement to triumph over the challenges in their lives. She has empowered thousands of women to find purpose in their pain and find the courage to keep going. She is the host of The I Am Podcast, and lives in Phoenix with her husband and two dogs.

In I Am Here, Ashley LeMieux honestly shares her own painful life challenges and acknowledges that though life is hard, we are strong. Her mission is to help women reframe their thoughts, reimagine their lives, reclaim their power, and create a plan to start moving toward their dreams.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Turning anger into passion
  • Clarity mapping 
  • Setting energetic boundaries when serving others
  • Finding joy in our lives


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