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Powerhouse Women

Dec 23, 2021

Every year comes with growth and lessons, and in this episode, my incredible COO Hannah joins me to share our biggest takeaways from 2021 both personally and professionally. It’s been a pivotal year for Powerhouse Women and as we continue on an upward trajectory, our goals continue to stretch us so we can grow and serve more and more like-minded women. I want to remind you as you reflect on your year, that you should always show up for yourself and your big idea.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Things they are leaving behind in 2021
  • Personal lessons they’re taking with them into 2022
  • Lessons learned in business throughout the year


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( 2:55 ) Welcome back to the Powerhouse Women podcast!

( 2:56 ) Hannah joins Lindsey to reflect on their personal and professional growth from 2021.

( 5:22 ) Lindsey asks Hannah if she is leaving something behind in 2021.

( 7:56 ) Lindsey shares what she is leaving behind.

( 10:57 ) Lindsey asks Hannah, “Is there something you’ve learned this year that you're taking with you into 2022?”

( 12:51 ) Lindsey shares the lesson she is taking with her into the New Year.

( 16:09 ) Lindsey and Hannah share the lessons they’ve learned in business this year.

( 19:20 ) Hannah shares two more lessons she has learned in business.

( 24:45 ) Lindsey shares two of her business lessons from this year.

( 32:20 ) Lindsey reminds you to show up for yourself and your big idea in the New Year!