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Powerhouse Women

Dec 27, 2021

When looking at the year ahead, it’s easy to imagine the goals you’d like to reach and the person you want to become, but you don’t truly know the details of your hopes and dreams until you actually write them down. Only then, can you actually hold yourself accountable and work toward a tangible objective. Today, I am sharing with you two powerful questions that I ask myself each year and how I continue to incorporate them into my life so I am always reminded of the greater goal that I hope to achieve.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Our 300th episode and celebrating how far this podcast has come!
  • The two most powerful questions you can ask yourself at the start of a year
  • How and when to revisit these questions
  • The status of the Powerhouse Women Mastermind questions


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( 2:59 ) Welcome to the 300th episode of the Powerhouse Women podcast! Please pause right now and review our show on Apple Podcasts!

( 5:03 ) Lindsey asks listeners to share how the show has impacted them and to let us know!

( 5:34 ) The podcast also got a new face lift with beautiful artwork from the Nikki Butler Media team.

( 6:35 ) Lindsey shares an exercise with listeners about the two most powerful questions that help you get a clear picture of who you want to become, which is the catalyst for change.

( 8:57 ) Lindsey invites you to believe that when you get uncomfortable and do the hard things, that’s when you see transformation.

( 9:56 ) Lindsey shares the first question, “Who do I want to be one year from now?”

( 10:50 ) Lindsey shares the second question, “What can I do today to show up as her?”

( 12:21 ) Lindsey shares how she practices incorporating these questions into her life.

( 14:48 ) Lindsey shares what she is focusing her time on this year in 2022 to help grow Powerhouse Women, and how she is going to manifest her goals into existence.

( 16:40 ) Lindsey wraps up the episode with one question to recap, “How are you going to step into the next level version of yourself?”

( 17:11 ) Lindsey gives a thank you to listeners for supporting the show.

( 17:58 ) Lindsey reminds you that Powerhouse Women Mastermind applications are still open. Text the number in the show notes to apply!