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Powerhouse Women

Jun 16, 2022

Ashley Alderson is a mom of 3, wife, cancer survivor, founder of The Boutique Hub, and host of The Boutique Chat Podcast. The Boutique Hub is a central connection point and incredible resource for retailers all over the world, whether they're an e-commerce store, a product-based business, a wholesale business, or brick and mortar retail store. Ashley is a fellow Mid-Westener and describes how fashion always felt reserved for people in New York City or Los Angeles一not a girl who grew up on a ranch in North Dakota. After traveling around and studying different shopping experiences, she started The Boutique Hub to change that narrative. 


Ashley shares how she continues to work through the imposter syndrome that she feels as an entrepreneur in the retail industry. She talks about her deep connection to ‘why’ and opens up about the major lessons that she’s learned through bad business deals. Ashley and I discuss tangible ways to thrive in a challenging economy and how to uplevel your mindset from leading a scrappy start-up to a successful seven-figure brand. Plus, Ashley gives some tips for building your team and reinforcing boundaries. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Ashley’s vision for The Boutique Hub and how that’s changed as the business has grown 
  • Advice for entrepreneurs who have been burned by partners or clients 
  • Why you need to get really clear about daily breakeven and have your next four months of cash flow locked in 
  • Ashley’s simple 4-part time management system 
  • What to consider when you make your first hire 
  • Ashley’s message for women who are trying to balance marriage, motherhood, and business all at once 

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