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Powerhouse Women

Apr 2, 2024

You asked, we’re answering! In this episode, we’re sharing the first LRS Q&A of this year. There’s no such thing as TMI here as we dish out our honest + real advice answering your incredible questions! If you’ve ever wanted to know our fave practices + tips for expansive self-care, upleveling identity, preparing our nervous systems to 10x, and even more, then you’re in the right place. You’ll learn how to navigate the most important aspects when growing a business as a high-achieving entrepreneur, including old limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and the fear of success. Join us for an episode full of laughs + lessons you won’t forget!



01:35 Throwing out old beliefs to amplify + stand in your power.

10:15 Self-care tips + practices for growing your business.

16:50 Preparing your nervous system for 10x growth.

25:20 Uplevel your identity by getting comfortable with vulnerability, support + asking for help.

32:45 How we learned to tap into and receive more abundance.

36:50 Our best advice for getting over the fear of success.


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