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Powerhouse Women

Apr 11, 2024

How do you go from sleeping on the studio floor to flying first class internationally? Here to share her inspiring entrepreneurial journey is Kristina Girod, Owner + Chief Motivation Officer at POWER+FLOW: Indoor Cycling! From nearly flopping in the first six months to now hosting on demand classes with attendees from around the world, Kristina knows exactly what it takes to build a successful business from the ground up! We’ll have an incredible conversation covering all seasons of entrepreneurship – the highs, the lows, and the life changing lessons that come from it. We’ll discuss how to survive through hardships, foster fierce brand loyalty + open yourself up to monumental opportunities. Get ready + get motivated to bring your business to new levels.



02:05 Catching up on 6+ years of evolution and transformation.

05:40 Pre-POWER+FLOW days to early days of entrepreneurship.

10:30 What it takes to build a business from the ground up.

14:50 Creating brand loyalty through authenticity + energy.

20:35 Kristina’s “flop” story + how to survive difficult seasons in business.

27:00 The mindset it takes to keep going through the hardships.

31:45 Open yourself up to multiple opportunities just by saying ‘yes’.

37:00 What being in the middle of evolution feels like.

41:55 Building international reach + the magic of metrics.

44:50 2020 Kristina vs 2024 Kristina.

48:20 Celebrating Kristina’s creative spirit that allows people to operate at their best.



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