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Powerhouse Women

Apr 4, 2024

Get ready to learn how to make an even bigger impact with today’s special guest, Sarah Robbins! Sarah is a network marketing coach + leader who pivoted from shy kindergarten teacher to successful 8-figure entrepreneur. I am so excited to dive into her journey of learning how to put herself out there, show up authentically, and add value to hundreds of thousands of lives in the process! We’ll talk pivots + mindset shifts, creating meaningful connections, the art of subtle selling, and the incredible power generosity has on building up a business. We also share powerful reframing tools we’ve used to break through to bountiful seasons + create massive impact without sacrificing the ‘why’ behind it all. Join us for exciting new seasons full of bigger growth and even more giving!



02:20 Changing the trajectory from kindergarten teacher to 8-figure entrepreneur.

06:40 Putting yourself out there + finding success in a people business as a shy person.

09:35 The mindset, energy, and intention behind making successful connections.

12:30 Balancing content with intention + the art of subtle selling.

17:45 How to show up and share authentically online.

20:50 Growth goals, giving goals + the real impact generosity has on building a business.

27:20 How to reach the next bountiful season, even through hardships.

31:40 Why we need to slow down in order to grow faster.

34:00 Maintaining and reframing big goals – without sacrificing what is most important.

39:55 Sarah’s new season of bigger impact and legacy.

43:45 Celebrating Sarah’s impact on countless women living out their ‘why’.



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