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Powerhouse Women

Apr 9, 2024

Today’s episode is inspired by the trend taking over Instagram – “social media isn’t real”! If you’ve already seen it, then you know things are about to get real! I’ll be sharing several honest insights on what I’m currently struggling with in my personal growth journey, and how I plan to usher in new seasons of growth moving forward. From showing up authentically on social media to reinventing parts of yourself, I’ll provide helpful advice on how I approach difficult topics to stay on top. Do you feel called to reach the next level? Then tune in and make this quantum leap the real deal!


00:55 The “social media isn’t real” trend + why I love it.

02:00 Finding the balance between authenticity and showing up on my social media account.

05:25 The pressure to grow versus what I feel called to focus on.

10:15 How hard decisions and conversations help us grow as leaders.

14:40 Processing the grief that comes with moving to the next level.



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