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Powerhouse Women

Feb 24, 2022

Becca Booker is the founder of Homemade Social, a boutique social media agency specializing in social, digital and influential campaigns for lifestyle brands, including Powerhouse Women. We discuss setting boundaries as an entrepreneur, the importance of mindset work and therapy as we grow as leaders, and also give a sneak peek of what Becca is going to be covering on the Girl Gang connection call next month. Listen in to hear Becca’s top tips for people in the social media space and what she’s learned from scaling her business from solo freelancer to now managing a team of four in just three years! 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Getting intentional about the clients that you take on 
  • Working on overcoming the reflex to be a people pleaser
  • Decoding my Enneagram results 
  • What inspired Becca to start a social media agency 
  • The growing pains of what it really takes to lead a team 
  • Knowing when to outsource and relinquish some control 
  • The unique structure of Homemade Social 


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Becca Booker is the Owner of Homemade Social, a boutique social media agency specializing in social, digital, and influential campaigns for lifestyle brands. Northern-California made, Becca received a double-major in Marketing and Journalism from Barrett, The Honors College at ASU and now lives in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. 


Becca started Homemade Social to work hands-on with small- to medium-sized lifestyle brands and businesses to implement social media and Facebook advertising strategies to elevate their brand and reach. Dubbed the “modern social media queen” by AZ Foothills, Becca is revolutionizing the social media game and inspiring brands to use innovative tactics to grow their social media. She also is a loving dog mom of Jojo the Heeler mix (why yes, her dog has an Instagram), and can be found with a Venti Iced Soy Matcha Latte in hand at almost all times.



( 0:38 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! 

( 0:47 ) Lindsey gives some background on today’s guest, Becca Booker. 

( 2:43 ) Becca joins the conversation. 

( 3:10 ) Lindsey asks Becca to share her journey to creating a social media agency. 

( 4:33 ) Becca and Lindsey discuss the importance of being intentional about which clients they take on. 

( 7:19 ) Lindsey asks Becca about the mindset work she’s had to do in order to be an effective leader. 

( 11:24 ) Lindsey says, “Take me back to like those early days and what even inspired you to start a social media agency in the first place.”

( 14:52 ) Lindsey talks about how to join Girl Gang. 

( 17:45 ) Lindsey asks, “What's something right now that's a challenge you're in the middle of?”

( 18:42 ) Becca says, “A huge issue that a lot of people don't see for social media managers in general is just like this constant feeling of being connected.”

( 21:39 ) Lindsey asks Becca about her outsourcing process. 

( 24:52 ) Becca says, “You'll feel a greater sense of control by letting go.”

( 25:48 ) Lindsey asks, “What should we be thinking about in terms of like, how much is too much as far as showing up and sharing and using that platform as a tool to share our services and products?”

( 26:55 ) Lindsey asks, “Where do you see entrepreneurs right now leaving money on the table by not understanding the dynamic between social media marketing and email?”

( 29:19 ) Becca explains the structure of Homemade Social. 

( 31:06 ) Lindsey asks Becca to share a recent powerhouse moment.