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Powerhouse Women

Jun 9, 2022

I’m joined by entrepreneur and mentor Kara Ayala to discuss money, generational wealth, and why women need to break the taboo of talking openly about finances. Kara is a pro when it comes to educating women on creating multiple streams of income and taking a more active role in their household finances. It might seem intimidating, but Kara shares three simple tips to start thinking differently about your financial limitations and building legacy wealth. We get into how to overcome your fears around money and entrepreneurship, and why it’s so important to break the cycle of being pushed out of financial planning conversations. Listen in to hear how Kara took ownership over finances and worked with her husband to multiply their household income. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • The value that Kara sees in raising her children in an entrepreneurial home 
  • The benefits of being more involved and proactive with your household finances 
  • Kara’s go-to resources for people who want to learn more about building wealth 
  • Making space for women to share and celebrate their financial wins 
  • Kara’s top three tips for someone who is just starting their financial education journey 
  • Details about the female investor club that Kara’s launching  




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